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SV - September 10, 2014, 01:53:48 PM

Thanks for the support!

Hey everyone!
I'm really overwhelmed with the positive feedback of NNK's progress.
Thank you so much for your support, and I hope I'll be able to get you some more awesome media in the upcoming days. :)

A lot of fans had questions regarding the roster.
Currently, the focus is mainly on Naruto and Sasuke. Obviously because they are key characters in the Anime.
Since I'm the sole animator (and artist in general) on this project, it is very hard to produce 100 animations per character, so it takes me a long time to finish just one.

However, my goal is to obviously release NNK with more than just two characters. Which is why NNK will no longer follow the Teams rule.
Last release we had Team Kakashi (Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura and Kakashi), and originally R2 was planned with Team Guy (Neji, Tenten, Lee and Guy) in mind. Although, since we're not really a production with a budget, nor can we be, I decided a while ago that I'll focus on characters that are most requested, while keeping NNK's balance in mind.

That being said, at this point I don't plan on adding Uchiha Madara yet.
We need to ease into it. :)

So... I gotta ask!
Which is your favorite Naruto character, and why?
Also, which character would you like to see in NNK the most, and why?

Think carefully, because resources are limited. ^_^

- SV
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