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SV - April 21, 2014, 01:01:55 PM

Random Update #9

Another long awaited update, yet again.
As you can tell, the title no longer says Friday, Saturday or any other day.

As it appears I can't really control the amount of content I can share because currently it's just Denz, TDM and I.
Denz is a very skilled character modeler, among other things and TDM is level designer in training.
The rest of the team (less than a handful) are very busy.

Since I'm avoiding releasing any heavy work in progress media for the time being, making weekly updates will be a challenge I just can't keep up with.

There for, random updates!
I'll share any content I see fit at any given time. This time I'll try not to hold back simply cause I don't see a reason for it.
It made sense when progress was moving at a constant pace but now it's just scattered all over the place. Only fitting the updates follow the same rhythm.


I present you the second finished arena for NNK R2, a new and improved Preliminary Exams stage!

As you can see it's completely different from R1's version.
I worked on it for quite a while, on and off.
Big props to Denz for the excellent statue model!

First thing you might notice is that it's considerably bigger!
This led me into some issues, such as correct proportions in relation to the characters, as well as texture size and quality.

I ended up making sure everything is sized correctly in comparison to the characters, and managed to use quite a few tiling texture maps.

Second thing you might have noticed is that this stage has a very different atmosphere than what you're used to.
Once again I've been drawing inspiration from the STORM games, as they had a very interesting interpretation for this level design. A darker, warmer color palette with hardly any direct lighting.

Another refreshing addition are the props, which you see scattered around the stage.
Crates, barrels, torches, etc.
I will elaborate on those in one of the next updates.

Mind you, this map is much more alive in motion. Hopefully I'll be able to share a video really soon. :)
And, a last screenshot to wrap it up!

Hope you enjoyed this completely random update!
Till next time. ;)

- The NNK Team
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