The NNK Development Team

in alphabetical order

Name Position Location
Darktooth Animator USA
Denz Mapper / Modeler Serbia
DJ-Ready Mapper / Modeler / Textures Germany
GodGundam Animator / Modeller USA
Kama Textures Canada
Phobius Public Relations Canada
Roach Mapper Canada
Super Vegetto Animator / Modeler / Textures / Sound Guy Israel
Tenken Coder Belgium
Tim N. Music Sweden



(and previous developers) in alphabetical order

Name Position Location
Andy011 Animator Peru
Brad Coder USA
Compwhiz797 Coder USA
Crono Coder USA
Dameara Animator USA
Davidskiwan Animator UK
Eclipse Modeler / Textures USA
Enix Modeler / Textures USA
Fil Coder Poland
GlassShine Coder USA
imkongkong Mapper USA
Nightz Coder Brazil
Keiha Animator Canada
Lord Killmore Animator / Modeler / Textures Germany
Raven Coder Germany
Ryokeen Coder Germany
Sakura Coder Canada
Skizer Coder Austria
SsJason Coder USA
svenime Modeler / Textures Netherlands
Tom Coder Canada
TryForce Modeler / Textures Germany
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